Sunny has been working as the Primary Teacher of Grades K-3 in Kingcome since September 2016. What Sunny believe makes her good at her job is that she like kids, and she want to see them succeed. Her philosophy is that most students can learn and it is her responsibility to find a way to teach them.

Sunny’s most important accomplishment as a teacher is seeing kids thrive academically and emotionally. For her, being a teacher is celebrating with students who learn to read and find a love of learning.

 “The big draw of Kingcome for me is the incredible beauty around us. I truly love the mountains, the unexpected surprises of bears passing through, and the warmth of the people.”

Some of the previous projects Sunny has been involved with as a teacher have been the most rewarding include service projects where students reached out to their community and made a difference. An example is that in Venezuela our school community adopted a children's hospital--painting walls, providing basic furniture, curtains, blankets, supplies and Christmas gifts. Not only was that empowering but it taught the students to be leaders and to take initiative. She loved being a part of that.

“For me teaching is all about people. When I see kids make progress and exceed their expectations that makes it all worthwhile, and makes me want to be a better teacher.”