Charlene Dawson is the Health and Social Development Director for Kingcome since September 2011. Her main responsibilities are ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the overall management of the Health Centre, with a goal of supporting Community Health and Wellness through health Programs and Services. Her specialties include: Work on Proposals, Budgets & Coordinating events. 

One of Charlene’s most important accomplishments to date is ensuring the continuation of the Health & wellness week. This is an annual event that brings different modalities of healing: massage, reiki, crystal healing, constellation and chair massage.

It inspires me when I see someone in the community try a new healing modality and they want to try it again.

One Project that is close to Charlene’s heart is the Community Gardening Project, she believes that the Community needs to support and move in this direction because it is important for the future of the village & Community. 

“I believe we need our own traditional medicine, we need to learn all we can. We also need to be self-reliant and use our valley to its fullest.”