Language & Culture


Nunwakola Cultural Society

Board Members:

Marianne Nicolson, Lindsey Willie, Darryll Dawson, Lucy Puglas, Marijo Willie

This picture was taken in 1914 during the Mckenna-Mcbride land commission. In B.C a commission was sent to all the tribes to have the chiefs come together to map out what each tribes land base was. They were told that there lands would be protected if they were to show what lands they belong to. This was sent to the Canadian Government and intern each tribe was restricted to reserves instead of the vast traditional territory they've been accustomed to for thousands of years.

from left to right:  Johnny Scow head chief of the kwikwasuti'nuxw, Copper Johnson head chief of the ha'xwa'mis, Dick Hawkins was second in line for the dzawada'enuxw, Dick Webber (kneeling down) head chief of the dzawada'enuxw, Alec Morgan head chief for the gwawa'enuxw.


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