Leanne has held the position of Payroll & Accounts Receivable Clerk in Finance since 2004, having briefly only taken time off for maternity leave. Leanne is actively working on completing her education with the goal to becoming a certified Payroll Manager.

Leanne prides herself on being well organised and able to pay special attention to detail. This comes in extremely useful in making sure payroll is completed correctly, along with making sure members Invoices & Statements are processed on time, and also keeping other band accounts up to date.

Leanne has coordinated quite a few of the youth conferences. She was a member of the team that formed Maya'antl, which was a group that brought Youth & Elders together to learn, to make things happen. In her own words “we did a lot of trips, had a lot of meetings, and thus began the Maya'antl Annual Youth Conferences”.

Leanne is also a member of the Emergency Management Team, and is a representative on the Health Committee.

“U'kwa nalis. I have always lived here and would love to always live here. I want to make a difference for my people, more so with the youth of the village. I think it is important to teach all aspects of our culture and part of that is being self sufficient. That is my goal for my life, to see my people be able to live off the land”.