Robin is the Capital Projects / Policy Development Manager for the DFN, she has served in this capacity since early 2008. Her specialties include but are not limited to: deciphering INAC funding formulas; good w/electronic technology; fast learner; multi-tasking; technical knowledge of projects.

Robin’s responsibilities as Capital Projects Manager includes: the management of DFN Capital Assets such as renovations / replacement of existing assets such as the School Renovations or bringing in new assets such as a new Road, new hydro system.
Policy Development responsibilities: are a minor part of her job that involves reviewing, recommending changes to existing policies or the creation of a new policy Other: She also manages the Insurance for the DFN; She works closely with housing as an advisor, inspections, specifications, provide background information; Robin has also assisted quite a bit in Operation and Maintenance; She is the regularly back-up for the DFN Administrator position.

In terms of her most important accomplishments in relation to Capital Projects - Probably the School Renovations project; did meet with INAC and DNA while on Vacation, pushing for the renovations of the school. We are currently working on school renovations and it will be almost like new, new energy efficient heating system, new sprinklers, new security system, and possibly a generator. Very exciting! The other one is the reduction in energy consumption with the small projects that we've had; it's great to hear from the Hydro personnel that what we've done has made a big difference. A pending project that is the First Nations top priority is the Piling Project as it will keep us safe during any size floods and minor earthquakes.
Policy Development most important accomplishments: She has created policies from scratch like the Council Meeting Policy, pulling 8 main points from the council of the day and creating a policy; Boarding Home Program policy - no templates or others to copy from; as well as other policies.

Robin has been the driving force with numerous projects and continues to plan well into the future to ensure a sustainable Community plan:
Past: Access Road on-going for many years - been the most complicated; Solar Hot Water Project; Energy Assessment and Demand Side Management; Fire Hose Cabinets; there have been many feasibility studies like the Flood and Erosion Hazzard Assessment, west side access road, hydro re-commissioning / high lakes.
Present: Option 12 - Piling Project Feasibility/design - DFN's top priority; School Renovations; Fuel Storage Facility /Hydro Road; Hydro Feasibility.
Future: Water System Assessment, Water system improvements; Hydro Construction; micro grid for the community; Fuel Storage at the Generator site.

“Working for our nation inspires me; providing the best that I can for improvements in whatever way I can. Hearing "Thank you" on occasion makes a big difference in any job.”