Tania is an elected INAC DFN council member representing off reserve band members. She is currently in her 2nd year of her three year term as an elected Council member.

Tania’s area of expertise is Health care, particularly Aboriginal Health care. She serves as the president of the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. This is an elected position and she represents 34,000 nurses in British Columbia. She hopes to help influence change in health policy for all of BC, but particularly in the area of Aboriginal health as a basic fundamental right for all First Nations people in our province.

Tania believes that the disparities in health and all social determinants of health we face as marginalized indigenous peoples does not have to be. What inspires her is the resilience and hope we continue to carry as a people. What First Nations people have been through, the past generation before us, yet we manage to still exist and grow in numbers. The fight to thrive and survive motivates her to be and do better.

“My mother was a registered nurse and activist - she is the one who inspires me and her survival and resilience not only makes me who I am today, but pushes me to be better.”